8 thoughts on “Female Form

  1. I divide the ball into three sections. Place the eyes, nose and mouth. I draw two circles on the two sides of the ball to place the ears. Then whichever way you tilt the ball you can capture the heads angle with eyes, nose, mouth and ears. And then you can finish off the structure into a male head or a female head or even that of a kid. Or there is that Bridgeman technique where he uses a square, divides the block into three sections and draws the head, eyes, nose and mouth. Or there is that egg technique where you can draw an egg and a circle to get the head. Otherwise most of the time i just do it free hand. As it flows. For some reason there’s freedom in that, once you know the grammar. I love landscapes too.

    • Yeah I did learn about the math and the dividing of the sections and the rules. I use them some of the time but usuall it is free flowing. I like the freedom too.

  2. I do that too. I have a mannequin and i use that to do a rough gesture sketch and finish the details later. Sometimes i use a tennis ball to draw heads and positions for portraits. I like your sketches

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