About me

My name is Jennifer Christy and I am the girl who slings paint. I am 28, I live in Florida and the arts have been a huge part of my life. Recently I joked with a friend that I started art in the womb. But, I will say ever since I can remember I have loved art. When I was old enough to hold a pencil, I was drawing. From then on I have always been in love with any form of expression. Fine arts, music, dance, acting and so on. I have taken classes from grade school until the present day. My major in my High School career was in the arts. I was very involved in theatre design and technical work and I took eight semesters of photography under the direction of Roarke Sharlow. My other intensive studies revolved around drawing and painting (under the direction of Mr. John Paul Wolfe) I spend two summers taking various art classes at Chautauqua Institution in New York and I spent a year under the direction of a model scout in Laurel Maryland and was trained in photographing the human form. I am always learning and tweaking my own talent and I plan to never cease learning new techniques and implementing new ideas. I have had many instructors and motivators since then and as a result I have become very self-directed in the present day.

About 75% of my materials are recycled. I use canvas and wood as my primary surfaces for painting. I use various types of paints to achieve the effects I like. My inspiration varies from day-to-day. I am inspired by my surroundings, people I meet, my ever-changing moods and music. I enjoy making custom art (such as portraits) and I design any art upon request.

I have a vision as an artist and new business owner:

“Artwork is an expression of our desire to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. As artists, we find ourselves in a position to communicate with and connect to an audience, and to share with that audience our hopes, our dreams, and at times our fears. We feel that it is our responsibility to use that communication, that connection, to empower, educate and inspire that audience, to provoke in them a response which calls them to action, a response that pushes them to something greater than self-interest, and leads the way to a better future for ourselves and our children, and our children’s children. We hope everyone will join us in making our community and our world a better place.”

Current/past exhibits –

Solo Art showing and benefit at The Chameleon Fusion Bistro – in Melbourne Florida

Art and Junk – Downtown Melbourne Florida

The Gallery and sky bar – in downtown Melbourne

Maxine’s salon and spa – Eau Gallie Florida

Ozzies Crab house – Palm Bay Florida

Adam’s Art Gallery – Fredonia New York

Here is a short that was written about me recently.

The Work of Jennifer Christy

“A Girl Who Slings Paint” – by Lynn Dole

Having the chance to experience Jennifer Christy’s private home gallery showing in Florida in 2011, I believed that Jennifer was finally on the right path, as she chose to express her art with a mixture of expressionism, some realism and abstract form. As she finds herself as an artist she has begun moving from the deeply focused techniques and is painting the breakthroughs of her ideas.

From the day I first met the artist, I am now inspired to write about her artwork without indecision.

To reach development – mainly in the artistic arena – one must undergo the strenuous search in the pursuit of his or her own expression. Just as many other successful artists have done, Jennifer Christy has found a unique style. This new-found artistic direction is a refection of her dreams, thoughts, soul and internal essence. Her work is impossible to mistake for any other artist.

Jennifer Christy’s artistic mentality has journeyed from confinement to freedom. The more interesting life gets the more creative her art becomes.

But what’s the core of her work?

People ask Jennifer what inspires her to paint often and I believe you can see the answer in the artwork – look at the paintings. It reveals paths to various directions, often with conflicting matter. It has duality: In the difference between light and dark, rigidity and softness, birth and death, desire and seriousness, in the end, the paintings offer up – an epiphany of self. It is both a fierce cycle of captivity and breakthrough.

14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Veni, Vidi, Vici! ( I came, I saw, I conquered!) Reveal unto me your lush green hills, your fertile valleys, your cool crisp waters…..

    You are an Artist! You spoke the truth! Kudo’s to you!

  2. Jenny, you are fantastic. I am nothing compared to you. Your art is so beautiful…. Let me think. Lt me talk to Kari.

  3. My artist friend- a superb artist- said that no art, even if spoiled, is bad. He says it can always be improved or just left alone as a piece of work by itself.

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