My Thank you list

Tomarrow is the art exhibit!!!! We are close to capacity for reservations! Remember we have contests to win free stuff! visit the event page for more details! Thank you to all whom have been a huge support to me and thank you to those who have assisted in making this event happen! Here is a list of people who cheered me on, encouraged me with advice, kind words and support. And some who have devoted alot of their time in helping with this event “From The Heart”. I am grateful for all the promotion guys! And without Joseph Kline, Robert Kline and help from Ian Kline and Emily Bullard, this event would have never happened. I love you and thankyou for your ideas and assistance! You guys put in alot of hours!!!! I am grateful for every second you spent on this! The rest of my thankyous go out to the people that have been cheering me on and helping with promoton and those who have supported with ideas and materials that we needed: Justin Kline, Cheryl Gilbert, David Fries, David Marchand, Carl Torjagbo, Virago Krews, Iris Monroe, Brett Camper, The ladies at Michaels Craft Stores, Theresa Smart Baer, Pip Printing, Casey Ellis, Bob Roma, Miss June at Art and Junk, The people at the Chameleon Fusion Bistro, Keith O’Brien, Bruce Marion, Lori Camper, RJ Baker, Jeremy Brown, Steve Knoll, Sheryl, Travis and Harold Christy, Debra McGinty Verzi, Leslie Bardo, Karen Malfaria, Geogre Colon, Amanda Burghard Whitmore, Curtis Musselman, Kate Wiles, Dominique Lefort, Jim and Jackie Toker, Steve and Fran Ryder, Scott Pitcher, Craig Camper, Nathan Winterberger, Rene Milliman, Sandy Morton Star and Srinidhi Anantharamiah.

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