Its been awhile!

Hello readers! it has been a super long time since I have blogged about anything! better late then never I suppose. 🙂 I have a whole bunch of new artwork and am looking to have a gallery show here in Florida for valentines day. It is very exciting! a lot has changed in my life recently and I know I write that a lot. change is the only constant. I am learning this and rolling with it.

Some of these changes include finding a new love. a grand love. Joe is an amazing human being and he too is an artist. He is an artist of the music sort. An amazing teacher, composer, pianist and singer. So with me being a visual artist and Joe handling the music side of life we fit together beautifully. two artists souls meshing is a refreshing thing.

also I have a new studio that is much bigger then the last and I have carved out tons of my free time to creating. I haven’t entirely fallen into an artistic explosion and sometimes I still struggle to see what is going on the blank page or canvas but I feel as though the paint is going to fly effortlessly again soon. I have so many interesting and new concepts and I have been still having my “holy crap ideas” and it is coming along well.

so as for some new art here ya go….most of the new stuff is secret until the gallery show in Feb. and I need to update my website very soon. check it out.www.

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