Finding balance

Fall foliage

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Fall always ushers in a lot of things for me to manage and lists of things to accomplish. I haven’t really done (in my opinion) enough art in the past 2 weeks but I have been busy and that isn’t a bad thing. 🙂 Most of the people I love have birthdays in the fall and winter not to mention the holidays, party’s, get-togethers and shopping! I do love this time of year because as of the past 2 years I have had the “spirit” to decorate, host dinners, give gifts and spread a little joy here and there. 🙂

The donations to Ronald McDonald house will be finished and donated on or around the first of November. SO if you would like to donate through buying a piece of my art I will be sure to make a donation of 5.00 in your name or keep it anonymous. Your choice! 🙂

For the months of November and december I will be donating money from the sale of my art to Wings of Hope check out the site here > 

I am creating a balance in this holiday season to be sure I create more art. I have somewhat of a waiting list currently for some custom stuff so if you want something custom let me know a few weeks in advance please. Thankyou for reading and thankyou for your support.

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