8 thoughts on “Thomas

  1. Would you like to check out my sketches at swissknife.wordpress.com? As you are an artist I’d love to have your opinion.

  2. We call that mix media. Great. I too do that. There’s another water color technique that I use. I take a picture, wet the sheet, and quickly capture the landscape in patches. Like a mountain patch, a quick tree bark, green patch, sky a patch indicating a rooftop and a house and on and on. I wait for it to dry and THEN sketch out the details on the patches. What initially looks like an idiotic abstract suddenly becomes a nice landscape. Tried it?

    • I have not tried that and it sounds like it is a nice “thinking backwards” trick. 🙂 I often like to do the reverse. Sketch out the dark lines and let the subject take shape and then add color details. I know it is called mixed media BTW…I like listing the tools used so people might get inspired to mix it up. 😛 Thanks for your suggestions. *hug*

  3. Who’s Thomas? Live sketch of a terrier? Color pencils? Beautiful. Furry strokes are nice. Can feel the depth of fur.

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