Want to purchase my art?

well now you can purchase my work with a credit card!!!! 🙂 I have officially set up pay pal and I have it linked in some of my “recent posts” (in the sidebar to your left) with the artwork. The most expensive piece is $40.00 (with shipping, insurance and tax added for you separate, of course.) 🙂 I haven’t priced out my signs yet on WordPress partly due to the fact each piece weighs differently and to ship internationally it may cost quite a bit. Some of them are heavy. Some are light as a feather. I do need to add some hardware to them for hanging purposes too. So I have some weighing and calculations to figure out before I have the prices listed. The signs for causes ARE FOR SALE NOW but just not listed yet. I do take requests such as custom quotes, sizes and colors. The same request goes for my other art. Drawings and paintings can be personalized and custom ordered. If you have a specific subject, size or medium you love let me know and I can figure a price for you. Remember the holidays are coming SOON. 🙂 And I have expanded my donations to charity to ALL MY ART. For all art that is sold $5.00 will go to charity. I am extending the donations to the Ronald McDonald house until the end of November. ALSO for November I will be buying a holiday turkey and some extra foods for a local family in need of help for Thanksgiving. Some of the money from the sale of my art will go towards that also. I am going to keep the family of choice anonymous out of respect. However I will write a follow-up after donations are given. 🙂

I do appreciate networking and helping other artists out also. SO if you would like me to add you to my blogroll I will. And I can help promote your work.I have added two of my recent favorites today. Free hand profit and Joe Andrews. I have them linked in my side bar so take a look at their wonderful works and enjoy.

I appreciate your reading and support.

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